Help For Grandma’s Girls Crystal Curry

At Code Red Roofers, we believe in a strong commitment to our community and to helping those in need. Recently, we have learned of a family that is certainly deserving of help.

Crystal Curry’s husband, Robert, was driving with his daughter and two grandchildren when he went into diabetic shock. Their car careened across the center line and hit another vehicle head on. Robert was instantly killed. Crystal’s daughter and two of her grandchildren suffered serious injuries, and each was taken to a different medical facility.

One granddaughter was critically injured and was put on life support. After several days, the family made the difficult decision to end the life support measures, and she has passed away.

Crystal’s daughter suffered a back injury and currently has no sensations in her lower limbs. She is still hospitalized and her recovery is uncertain.

The other granddaughter sustained several broken bones and other injuries, but has been released from the hospital and has returned home with Crystal, who is caring for her and two other grandchildren.

Crystal herself is disabled and cannot work. Her husband was the family’s sole provider.

The home in which they live in Okeechobee has fallen into disrepair and the family has not had the means to make needed improvements. The roof has been leaking for some time, and the moisture has caused the ceiling to nearly collapse and mold to grow to an unhealthy level. We want to remedy this situation right away, to make the home safe for this family and a place where they can start to rebuild their lives together.

Code Red Roofers, along with our vendor partners, are going to help this family by putting a new roof on the home. You are welcome to help us in this endeavor by donating to this cause.