Building Bridges to Youth Inc.

There’s no better feeling than when you find a way to help someone, so at Code Red Roofers, we take great pride in our charitable works.

We’ve been able to make a small contribution to a wonderful organization here in our hometown of Stuart.  Building Bridges to Youth Inc. is an organization that works hard to provide assistance to young people. They offer meals, tutoring, and a place to get together for those who otherwise may not have opportunities to grow and develop into good citizens.

Code Red has arranged for a twice weekly cleaning service for the Building Bridges facility on Church Street.

“We are so grateful to … you for providing this needed service…  It allows us to direct more focus on providing services to the children and families that we serve,” said Ollie Harvey, the Executive Director of Building Bridges to Youth.

We’re so happy that we are able to help, even in this small way.

We’re always looking for opportunities to help out those in need.  If you’re aware of someone who could use a hand, a leg up, a small token — please reach out and let us know.