Service Overview

Code Red Roofers specializes in roof replacement for Florida Homes; we can change about any roof into a new style. We pride ourselves on providing a service that exceeds your expectation! That means we care, we call you back, we show up and we finish the job!

Replacing a roof is a more extensive and delicate process than repairing/restoring it but will provide a long-term solution to any roof issues; installing a new roof may increase the overall lifetime of your roof for up to 20 years. Code Red Roofers is proud to be a GAF master elite contractor, which means that only the highest quality materials and brands are used.

We proudly partner with top quality and green manufacturers for the roofing industry. Wi will be glad to build your new roof; with Code red your satisfaction is guaranteed and our specialized team will deliver a roof that will exceed your expectations.

New roof/re-roofing Process

1. Using state of the art satellite imaging we will create a free estimate and calculate materials for your project, we will present you this information when you with meet one of our representatives.

2. After approval our estimator will visit your property to measure and review the roof condition and to coordinate an optimal delivery of materials and preparedness of our technicians.

3. Next we will remove the existent roof material and replace it with new high performance breathable underlayment.

4. Afterwards we will install the roof finish of your choice (tile, shingles, metal, etc.)

5. Finally we will inspect that all work done was performed at the highest standard and that we keep your property tidy and disruption to a minimum.

Code Red works hard to provide a hassle free and reliable process, we will take care of this experience from beginning to end.

Types of Roof WE can Install?

Concrete roof tiles are made from natural raw ingredients and are offered in a wide variety of color, shape and texture these results in the tile to vary from one batch to another adding flavor to the beauty of the product. Roof tiles are extremely durable they can withstand almost any climates.


Asphalt shingles also called composite shingles are made of cellulose fibers or fiberglass as base and a topcoat of various colors of ceramic coated mineral granules, the result is a very dependable and resistant product that is the most popular choice covering about 80% of the homes in the United States.


While the cost of a metal roof may be higher than other roofing materials the energy efficient and extremely durable premium metal can save you money in the long run. A metal roof also can increase the resale value of your home and with today’s techniques and materials we can match any roof style, color or finish.

Flat Roof:

Newer two-ply rolled peel and stick material are safer and easier to install. Its light colored mineral surface reflects heat and cuts energy bills. Consists of a base and a cap sheet providing a dual water barrier and added security when installed with a taper system.